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Cutta Cutta Caves Nature Park
Katherine Northern Territory

Located 30km south of Katherine (entry fee)

Katherine has its own set of Tropical caves (open to the public). The recently opened Tindall cave is currently closed again due to water damage.

In Cutta Cutta cave you venture along the caverns 15 metres under the surface for a few hundred metres. The main cave system goes for 700 metres until it enters the water table.

It was frequented by servicemen during WWII and shows the remnants of many a 303 gunshot at the stalactites.

The descent into Cutta Cutta

Back in the 70's a caver lived for over 60 days in this cave to get into the Guinness book of Records. There are still remnants of his occupation further back in the cave.

The Katherine region has quite a few unexplored cave systems. There are even a few that have been plugged with cement in the centre of town, so if one of the shops should disappear one day, you'll know why.

With Kintore Caves off limits to the general public North of town, there remains many new and wonderful opportunities to cavers in the years to come.

Walking along the floor


Stalactites in Cutta Cutta

Mid section of cutta cutta cave

The display at the end of the cave.