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Kununurra Western Australia

If you are coming from the West, this is your last major centre for 500 kilometres before Katherine NT.

If you are heading to Western Australia, your last fuel is at Timber Creek NT on the Victoria Highway.

Fuel Price on last visit as at 12April2005 was $1.36 when I was returning from Legune Station. Unfortunately bowled over a goanna, but dropped it off to locals who were very happy for a nice greasy feed of Goanna.

Great views of Kununurra from Kellys Knob.

What we find interesting about Kununurra region is the Ord River Dam and how it is the life blood of the region, enabling power generation, tourism, fishing industry, massive horticulture production, a rum distillery which is needed to use the molasses byproduct from the sugar mill (of course).

Dislikes are the time zone ! only 40km over the NT/WA border and 1.5 hours time difference. Sorry if the kids wake up with the sunrise (5.00 AM WA time)
And if I promise the kids fish & chips from what appears to be the only (non chain) takeaway in town, they have to wait until the sun sets before the shop opens. Dad's cooking again kids !.....Plenty of takeaway food in Katherine NT!

Ord River Dam

70 km from Kununurra and just amazing.
Camp at the van park, have a sunset cruise and see fresh water covering 8-13 times the size the volume of Sydney Harbour.


Power is generated from the main dam which feeds the Ord River  with water all the way back to town and through the regions irrigation canals.

Silver Cobbler is a great fish export.....amazing what happens when you change the name of "catfish"

What's going to happen when the cane toads get there later this decade?


Get your WA home grown rum from the Hoochery about 15 km from town with a tour of the distillery.

Something unique to Kununurra and making use of the by products of the sugar mills.

Funny signs

On a recent trip to the end of Weaber Plains road there was a confusing array of signage just as you hit a bend and end up on the dirt road to Legune Station.

From a "speed unlimited sign" to "reduce speed" 30 metres on to all sorts of warning signs about an impending left hand turn

It isn't funny
at this size.........