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Katherine Railway Bridge River Lookout

The old derelict railway bridge of an era gone past has undergone a facelift and is now a great lookout post to view the Katherine River. (Just needs a few more licks of paint....

Pictured here is the view FROM the Railway Bridge looking at the Katherine Road bridge (Stuart Highway) connecting Darwin to the rest of Australia.

Here is the same photo again on January 09 2003 when the river rose to 13ish metres.

And to think that the 98 flood water went over the top of the bridge (pictured above). You can see the light pole in front of the truck....this is where the Katherine River Camera is mounted.

To see the current view of the river and where we are now standing  and go to the KROL website (Katherine Region On Line) River Camera. (sorry camera is buggered in 2007 & 2008 and so is link, so just go to the "Katherine Start Page" or as some people call it the "Northern Territory Start Page")

Pictured to the right is the newly refurbished walkway over the "old" railway bridge. The wooden sleepers have been replaced with life long mesh, leaving the original Darwin to Birdum railway line in its place.

This original line only made it down past Larrimah before they thought it was all too hard with wet season rains.

The Railway Bridge with River on 15metres in 2006

The view downstream from the Katherine railway bridge through katherine township.

This is another good spot to view the Red Cross Canoe Marathon in June.

The new railway bridge is about 4.5 km downstream and the railway line will connect Darwin to the railhead in Alice Springs, opening up world shipping from the newly created shipping port in Darwin.

Here are a few photos of the same spots in January 2003 when the river crept up to 13 metres after heavy rainfall in the Arnhem land catchment. Did pretty much the same in late 2004.

Looking downstream