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Beswick falls

Welcome to Beswick Falls 100 km south east of Katherine in the Northern Territory not far from the local Aboriginal Community of Beswick. Special thanks must go to the Traditional Aboriginal Owners who allowed us to visit this wonderful place and have a fish for Barramundi .

This part of the world is usually off limits to tourists.

We arrived at Beswick Falls (Waterhouse river) in the afternoon , there were many Aboriginal persons camping/fishing/hunting here for the duration of the School holidays.
We quietly walked behind all the camps on the beach and made our way around to the right of the photo (below) ( it's their country and we didn't want to rock the boat).


We passed world renowned Artist Paddy Fordham who was cooking up a freshwater crocodile for his family he accidentally caught (thats the misty part of the picture to the right of the photo). I counted 27 freshwater crocs floating that afternoon. (There is probably twice that)

Then we commenced climbing the ancient sea bed ripple rock so we could get around the top and drop into the falls.

I only wish I took more photos 

Maria also managed to catch a decent sized Barrumundi.

One day soon this wonderful place may be opened up for tourism with a venture by the Beswick Community. "Walking with Spirits" is one such event at the end of July each year.

In recent years the Waterhouse River has flooded the tiny Community of Beswick nearly every year.

Further up the Waterhouse River is a peaceful place called Bullock Head