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The Douglas Daly Region

The Douglas Daly Tourist Park (not to be confused with the Douglas Hot Springs a few km away)

has their very own stretch of River and scenery as depicted in these top images.

"The Arches" are a great little rock formation where the Douglas River passes through a series of rapids and the "Arches" into a lovely pool as it continues on its way to the Daly River. A great little riverside camping spot for those looking for a bit of "beach sand"

The Arches

Thermal Pools, secluded sandy beaches, and individual bush camping spots along the Douglas River at the Douglas Daly Tourist Park.

We found the Park ideal for young children with all amenities provided.

They had a bit of flooding in April 06 when Katherine was flooded, but going well now!

thermal pool douglas daly tourist park

main pool at end of the arches

Douglas Hot Springs

The Douglas Hot Springs is very popular over the holiday breaks with Darwinites.
It is situated about 12 km from the Douglas Daly Tourist Park and has its own bush campground. (very popular)

The river is connected with streams of very hot water creating nice little warm water mixes. Move too far to the left and freeze or too far to the right & get burnt. Very shallow and great for little children (away from the hot water)

Nice open sandy and shallow douglas Hot springs
Hot water stream meanders down to the river Warm water after the mix