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Edith Falls Northern Territory
60km by road north of Katherine

Welcome to another popular waterhole of the Katherine Region.

The Edith falls park has a lot to offer with great camping facilities, hamburgers at the kiosk, bushwalks, hot water showers and a relaxing shady spot to have a swim.

You can even see several species of turtle at night.

Lots of people enquire on how to book with us.... we are just people who mentioned this place. Try www.nitmiluktours.com.au for bookings/info.

Since the 2011 xmas flood there is now a big island in the middle of the top photo.

The main Pool at Edith Falls
One of the Top Pools after a 2km walk

Most people never venture up over the escarpment along the walking trails to the other numerous rock pools and the waterfalls.

So get walking, it's not too hard once you are up over the escarpment. (take a drink)

We managed it with children under 5 years of age with ease and they had a great time in the shallow rock pools (away from the waterfall)

Many people ventured up above these falls to other rapid waters. And if you are keen for a day trip you can continue on for a few more 3 Km to the "sweetwater" pools along the Jatbula trail (Nitmiluk Katherine Gorge to Edith Falls 66km walk).


Having camped at Edith Falls in the "old" days (late 80's) we were not too keen to camp there again in Peak tourist time (July 2003). But we were absolutely amazed at the new well planned campgrounds, with a site allocated far enough from others to give some sort of camping privacy. A great toilet & shower block where someone was even boiling the jug & cooking the toast in the laundry area.....we'll bring our toaster next time!

Nice & grassy and away from the main day use area (where we used to camp) there were gas bbq's with plenty of shade.

Apart from the waft of the septics every now and then (well it is peak tourist time), the Edith Falls Campgrounds were a pleasure to stay at.

We have just had another family camp at the end of May04, and it was very refreshing to see the best laid out campground in the Top End. Heaps of room (only about 25 other camping vehicles, but no-one on "our" patch).

Recommend you do a 2 hour walk around the Leliyn walk (Edith Falls loop walk). Take a picnic lunch & I'd go the back way (from the Kiosk side), and picnic at the top falls.

Been out again in August 2007 with family to do the walk to Sweetwater Pool (4.5km 1way) with the family.
Camped overnight at the van park and all was well.