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Northern Territory Fossicking
Wave Hill Station

Unfortunately - I have been threatened with legal action (June 2011) if I do not amend this page
The following is the letter about this page.

Dear Sir,
It has been brought to my attantion thsat you are directing fossickers to our Mineral Lease in the Wave Hill area of Northern Territory.
I am writing in relation to your information regarding FA8 in the Wave Hill area of Northern Territory.
The area in question is under a ML 25205 and fossickers must obtain permission to enter the area. Terms and conditions of entry are available from Crystal Universe Pty. Ltd. Ph: 03 9646 1744 and speak to Mr. Ken Campbell.
Due to the unauthorised entry of commercial enterprises NO FOSSICKING will be permitted in 2011! No Camping on the area will be permitted at any time.
If you wish to visit the area for fossicking in 2012 you will need to have written permission from Crystal Universe Pty. Ltd. and you will be required to sign an Indemnity Form. A thorough background check will be conducted before permission is granted.
Dealers will be refused entry and there will be a bag limit imposed on fossickers to protect the resource and to protect the value of the resource.
Anyone caught within the boundary of ML25205 without permission will be prosecuted and charged at the rate of $200.00 per Kg for any gemstone material in their possession.
We require you to amend your information on the 'prehnite deposit at Wave Hill (FA8)' or legal action will be taken to resolve this matter.
Yours faithfully,
Gerald Pauley, Project Manager, SunJade Project.

I have been in contact with NT Dept of resources (June 2011) & they are working on amending the Fossicking site information because everything on the WWW still says "go there & enjoy".
So basically any reference to enjoying the Katherine Regions only fossicking area should be confirmed via the NT Govt site links at bottom of the page . The map supplied to me indicates that the ML25205 is fairly well in the middle of the the FA8.

Lajamanu Road 4.2km

The following is how we once enjoyed the Katherine Regions only dedicated fossicking site in 2010
Located off the Lajamanu road about 12 km from Kalkarindji Community (also known as Wave Hill) this dedicated fossicking area is well hidden from the rest of the world unless you have a map.

The turn off (as shown here) has no signage, so you basically had to know where you were going. (or have a rough idea). I actually went past it, even though I have been here before.

We felt privileged to be in an area that has had so few people pick it over.

As the Northern Territory Govt Map for Fossicking (FA7) indicates it is 4.1 km down the Lajamanu Road (coming down a slight incline) then look for the old bore runners track (that looks like a superhighway on the map). I think only 1 vehicle had been down there & back this new season so we had some lent over grass to follow.

The first few kilometres of this track was rough from cattle walking over the sodden blacksoil during the wet season and on some occasions it was a matter of just keeping going in the general direction until you were back on the old track.

The first dryish creek listed on the map (about 2 kms in) was a spot we had frequented over the years to camp at en-route to Halls Creek or Lajamanu. But at present it is popular with the cattle, while there is still a little water about.

turn off to fossick area

We camped near No. 6 Bore (abandoned) in the creek area. Basically past the dry water tank & trough then through the cattle grid then take a sharp "left" along the fenceline and a few hundred metres to a shady tree along the dry creek. (Refer to fossick maps by NT Govt)
Here is the remnants of many a fossicker's hoard and still plenty of pickings to be found.

In the wet season the water roars through here burying &
unearthing new sections to keep it interesting each year.

Rock laden countryside with our camp in background

Thousands of coloured rocks to look at


Most people will not venture too far off the goat tracks, however there are many areas that are still untouched and are newly eroded after each wet season. Remember there is over 25 square km of area to wander around in the Northern Wave Hill fossick area.

We had trouble finding out anything about this area and we only live 500 km away, hence the photos and the 2009 update.

Our preference to camp next time might be in the sandy creek located closer to the southern end of the fossicking area. We noted that the track in to Gordon Bore via the Lajamanu road (right where the No7 is stamped) was a freshly maintained track and I would bet it is a newer or the main access track into these bore grounds for the Wave Hill Station workers.

We didn't venture to the next fossick area (13.5 km further south past Gordy springs) but guess that sections of road conditions may be much better than the original fossick track we came down on based on the 300 metre section we saw to Gordon Bore cattle gate at the Southern end of section 1. (But could be wrong) (But you are here for something different anyway)


On the open plains you can see where the grader went through (about 20 years ago) and still find some nice specimens along the track. But venture another 150 metres either side and park the car and you will find a lot more hidden treasures in the grass. (The track is about 8 km long and in some spots you can go a few km either side of it making up your own track.
A few Thunder egg remnants were located near the hills and washouts with only an hour of fossicking in this spot along the track.

Oh to borrow a grader for a few hours.....
Next trip we will venture to the #2 Southern most site for a look (which will hopefully not be near ML25205)

Lack of water was an issue for the camp, so top up at Kalkarindgi.
If you get desperate there is the turkey nest at Gordon bore (which is just outside the designated fossick area)

Fossick Maps & Permits located on NT Govt Website
Mind you I could not see the map button for looking so here are some links to help out (I will have some google earth images soon)

Fossick Area Map Wave Hill Station
(one NT Govt map says FA8 other FA07)
Fossick Permit (online instant permit)(great for the kids)
Information on Fossicking in the NT (NT Govt website)